by Dento Goju Ryu

Private Karate Lessons

קראטה קבוצתי

Personal karate training is ideal for beginners who want to experience and taste the way our method offers, at a pace that suits them.

Personal training in karate is an excellent tool for the progress of any active trainee and any person without a background in the field who is interested in acquiring diverse skills, outside the framework of our routine training.

קראטה תל אביב רעננה
קראטה קבוצתי

And for very advanced trainees in the organization who are interested in polishing, deepening and bringing themselves to higher levels.

For more advanced practitioners in the method, who want to improve and strengthen personal skills,

קראטה תל אביב רעננה
בעיטה גבוהה קראטה

You are invited to practice with personal guidance to improve coordination, maintain physical fitness, purchase tools for self-defense, work on a punching bag to improve combat abilities and more.

Personal karate lessons can be booked

As a single training, or several personal training sessions at a reduced cost.

For more details and coordination, you are welcome to contact us.