by Dento Goju Ryu

Karate for Children - "Karate Kids"

In our Karate classes we educate for the values ​​of discipline, manners, respect and helping others. Children acquire inner strength and confidence, while strengthening body and spirit.

Ilan Sensei has many years of experience in coaching groups of children of all ages. In karate classes, children grow and evolve, acquire tools and foundations for life and develop self-defense skills.

חוגי קראטה לילדים תל אביב
Experience training in our

children's karate class

in Tel Aviv

“With great satisfaction I look at the long and significant journey that the veteran trainees have made. Especially when after years, the practicing parents, attach the next generation who walks with them hand in hand in the same way."

Ilan Oppenheimer Sensei

Our way of karate, makes it possible for you parents, to give your child "foundations for life." A way that provides tools, which will not only be used in the narrow framework of the class, but will help and support at every stage they reach during their lives.