by Dento Goju Ryu


גשר ביפן

It was Kanryo Higaonna Sensei who, as a young man, sailed from the island of Okinawa Japan to Fuzhou city, to learn the ancient martial arts that originated in Southern China.

For many years he studied the innards of the martial art, and only when he excelled in the art did he return to Naha in Okinawa in order to spread the art to the island’s residents.

It was in this region, which became the cradle for martial arts in modern times, that the system continued to evolve. While it was influenced by local martial arts, it was primarily constructed by Chojun Miyagi Sensei who also named it. His contribution to the development of the system was immense.

Chojun Miyagi Sensei, as well as other eminent teachers who followed him, further developed the method into the unique combat method as we know it today. The story of the founding teachers, as well as stories of their successors An’ichi Miyagi Sensei and Morio Higaonna Sensei and their followers here in Israel, are detailed below.

東恩納 寛量


March 10, 1853 - October 1915

“Since childhood he had great interest in martial arts, eager to learn as much as he could. Due to his relatively small size he was very quick and agile. 
At the age of 14, he started to learn the Chinese art of “Kempo”, utilizing his strong body. “ 

宮城 長順


April 25, 1888 - October 8, 1953

“At the age of 11 CHŌJUN MIYAGI’s mother took him to a karate master called Aragaki Ryoku.

She strongly believed that in order for him to be the head of the family, he must gain physical and mental strength. 

At the age of 14, his master presented him to Kanryo Higgaona.” 

אנאיצ'י מיאגי סנסיי
宮城 安一


February 9, 1931 - April 28, 2009

“At the age of 17 , Ani’ichi began his training with Chojun Miyagi.

After WW2 life at Okinawa turned into a difficult task due to poverty and war damage. 

In these times most of Chojun’s Miyagi’s senior trainees came to his Dojo only occasionally, leaving An’ichi and a small number of his friends as the only people who trained regularly. “

מוריו היגאונה סנסיי
東恩納 盛男

Morio Higaonna SENSEI

“Started his training at the age of 14 with his father who served as a police officer and taught Shorin-Ryu.

Higgaona also trained with another Shorin-Ryu teacher named Shimabukuro , which later recommended him to train in Chojun Miyagi’s garden under An’ichi Miyagi. Training that began two years later in April, 1955.”

יהודה פנטנוביץ סנסיי

Yehuda Pantanowitz Sensei

November 30, 1938 - October, 2006

“As a jewish kid in a foreign country he found himself often involved in street fights requiring him to defend himself. He found great intellectual and physical challenge in martial arts training. 

As soon as he moved to Cape-town and after 9 years of training judo in Shi-hun he started to train in Karate.”

Yossi Kabli Sensei

“Yossi Started his Karate training in 1974 under Yehuda Pantanowitz, and was given his black belt in 1979.

In 1981 opened his own Dojo at Bar-Ilan University.“

אילן אופנהיימר קראטה

From a very young age he showed great interest and love towards martial arts. Trained and taught for 10 years under Yossi Kabali at Bar-Ilan Dojo and at Ra’anana Dojo.”


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