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קראטה קבוצתי

To whom is it suitable?

Karate is suitable for children, youth, women and men. For those interested in traditional Japanese martial arts and also for those looking for a way to lead them to the best version of themselves.

Goju Ryu karate is an authentic fighting method from Okinawa Island, which includes a variety of techniques for forging the body, acquiring knowledge in self-defense and strengthening the warrior spirit

קראטה תל אביב רעננה

White Crane & Tiger...

It is known that the two main methods, the “white crane” and “tiger” methods, which contain many elements existing in current techniques of “Dento Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate”, are recognised as the foundation for “Goju Ryu”, a traditional, unique martial art,

Our Symbol

In its shape, the symbol describes the harmony between the "hard" and "soft" in nature. The external circle refers to the infinite space that surrounds us, and as such, symbolizes the "JU"("SOFT").

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The Japanese sign in the center means tree (ki). As such, it represents nature, and symbolizes both "GO" (" HARD") and "JU". The tree in its essence combines both hard and soft. It represents growth capability and future renewal. Also, its deep roots derive their vitality from the soil representing the past, the foundation and the tradition, which we cannot live without.

The symbol describes "DENTO OKINAWA GOJU RYU KARATE", a harmonized combination between "GO" and "JU", protecting the tradition while inquiring about the future.

‏The Purpose of Our Training

Every Karate student, children and adults, see improvement in a variety of aspects on the personal, physical and inner level (mind and spirit). The karate path is a path of growth and strengthening from the inside out.

אילן אופנהיימר קראטה

To Discover the True Power Within Yourself

Goju Ryu Karate is an authentic Japanese fighting method, which includes a variety of techniques for forging the body, acquiring knowledge in self-defense, and strengthening the warrior spirit.

The purpose of our training

The organization, headed by the founder Ilan Oppenheimer Sensei,committed to the preservation and promotion of Goju Ryu Karate in its traditional form.

We at Dento Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate are committed to:

קראטה -- קרב אימון
קרב קראטה גוגו ריו --יפני

Practice The Unique techniques of GoJu Ryu

To Preserve the traditional way of training. To maintain high standards of techniques practice. To practice the circular techniques of Okinawa Goju Ryu.


To preserve the traditional structure of the unique Okinawa Goju Ryu “katas”. To train and practice the unique “Breathing Katas” (Sanchin kata) in order to strengthen the body and develop inner power.

אימון קאטה קראטה
כלי אימון קראטה גוג'ו ריו
תרגול כלי מסורתי גוג'ו ריו קראטה

To use the supplementary equipment HOJO UNDO (traditional training tools), in order to strengthen the body in different ways.


To Practice and train in various types of close combat.In order to develop self defence abilities

ריתוק קראטה
אימון קראטה בים

Training events

Existence of training camps designed for all members of the organization, in nature, such as park and beach training. To maintain a tradition of uncompromising discipline, practice and memorization, of the unique content of GoJu Ryu

Warm up and fitness

Strict adherence to the practice of traditional warm up in the unique way of Goju Ryu, in order to improve the flexibility and coordination necessary to the performing of the unique techniques of our method.

קאטה קראטה
אימון כושר קראטה

Our Values

Mutually respecting as well as helping each other while perfecting ones' own personal skills.

עץ יפני בונסאי

Maintaining the martial arts behavioral codes such as “Sempai” and “Kohai” symbolizing interpersonal relations between students and teachers, juniors and seniors, inexperienced and advanced students, newcomers and vets…

פגודה יפנית

These codes describe the loyalty that is required on the one hand as well as the responsibility that is demanded on the other. The one purpose being to preserving the "ART" according to the tradition of
 “DENTO OKINAWA GOJU RYU KARATE” for the sake of future generations.

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